Something Old, Made Anew

We are only 258 days away from the next Granite Game Summit! But today we are actually here to share some other news that might be of interest.

In New England, Unity Games all-day event was a pillar in our local gaming community for many years and heavily influenced our desire to create Granite Game Summit. It has been 5 years since the last Unity Games, and we were elated that after attending G2S one of the former Unity organizers reached out to us about forging a partnership to create something new and something old.

Today, we are excited to announce through a partnership between the organizers of Granite Game Summit and Unity Games, Unity will return this fall, reborn as ReUnity Games.

When is and How Much is ReUnity Games?

ReUnity will be taking place on Saturday September 28th, 2019 at the Doubletree Hilton in Danvers MA. Tickets will cost $20 and will go on sale very soon, so make sure to sign up for the ReUnity email newsletter to receive updates. A hotel room block will also be available when tickets go on sale for $169/night.

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What is Unity Games?

Unity Games is an open board game discussion forum which includes members of various game groups in the Eastern Massachusetts and surrounding areas (including parts of RI and NH) plus interested individual gamers from the region.

Once or twice a year an all day gathering was planned for all the disparate groups to come together. These events were held in Massachusetts with a shared community library of games.

Unity Games was built on people sharing their love of this wonderful hobby. This community proved their openness by bringing their games to share with the hundreds of attendees. The shared attendee library is one of the things that made Unity so amazing and inspired us to form Granite Game Summit.

The first Unity Games all-day event happened in 2000 where 44 people came together and played games. The last event, Unity Games XX, happened in 2014 and had over 800 people attend.

Unity Games XX, 2014

What is ReUnity Games?

ReUnity Games will be a continuation of what the Unity Games all-day event was all about. It will be a single day board gaming experience bringing people and gaming groups together to play games, meet new people and generally be good to each other. It will include all the same things that made Unity Games so great…

  • Shared community library of games

  • Math Trade

  • BGG Auction

  • Learn to Play area

  • Charity Auction

Charity Auction

One of the strongest leaders in our community was Adam Smiles. Adam passed away on May 12th of this year after losing his battle with cancer. Not only did he help run the original Unity Games convention, he also co-ran Lobster Trap and was an admin on BGG.

We can think of no better dedication to him then to bring back this special event. To bring joy to hundreds of people that he has influenced directly or indirectly because of how committed he was to all of us.

During ReUnity Games we will be holding a silent auction. There will be items out on display with a sheet of paper to make bids. All the proceeds from this will be donated in the name of Adam Smiles.

A collection box will also be available at registration for anyone the day of who would like to donate. This money (as well as what is raised in the silent auction) will be donated to a charity in his name.

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See you soon!

Mike, Kevin, Kimberly (and Craig)
Granite Game Summit/ReUnity Games